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My 9 year old nephew has found over 1500 "lucky" four leaf clovers and keeps them in a big binder.

by: The_Littlest_Teapot

This 15 year old stash of canned food I found in my crawl space from the house’s previous owner

by: guiltyofnothing

the difference in my hands before and after a 130 pound weight loss

by: Long_Procedure3135

The new train station near me has baby changing stations in both restrooms

by: LuTenJohnSun

UK supermarket has a tag you can add for carts with wonky wheels

by: qwerty11055

MRI of my butt

by: saltyxsnow


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  • This company has emergency hours for 23.5 hours

    by: speedy_19

    My grand mother put saran wrap on her remote controller

    by: Moto_Rouge

    This packaging uses an optical illusion to make the vegetables look more green

    by: Tinckoy

    My wife puts honey on her Domino’s pepperoni and pineapple pizza

    by: UnicornChief

    "CHIEF OF POLICE WANTS ME DEAD" Sign in Small Town Kansas [OC]

    by: ajohnson360

    My sink sprayer has a tough spot remover. It shoots a high pressure stream down the middle that is surprisingly powerful, but a cone of water around i...

    by: P-A-seaaaa

    Dollar General has a dedicated squeezing chicken to summon a cashier to the register

    by: jnadols1

    These green rings of light move at the pace of the speed limit to help gauge speed.

    by: j2t2_387

    My groceries came out to exactly $100.00 after tax

    by: duramus

    Cici’s apparently has a “pizza challenge” it allows customers to do for a prize of $300

    by: frozenflameinthewind

    I went to a pub in London that had an 'L' shaped pool table.

    by: RiggzBoson

    Homeless man in Silicon Valley with VR headset

    by: Cranberryvacuum

    Found a Pizza Hut that still does the buffet and indoor seating

    by: timchanter

    Someone paid with a 1934 $5 bill at my work today

    by: window-fly

    Sticker on Wendy’s fish sandwich says wild caught Alaskan but doesn’t say what fish

    by: Large-Squash8379

    We received a letter from the woman who lived in my apartment 70 years ago, and she'd like to visit.

    by: mrbenjrocks

    Garlic powder at my local grocery is over $9

    by: coconut_flakee

    A local restaurant offers a woman's meal that is half the food of a man's meal but for only a dollar less.

    by: Jomalar

    This coffee shop uses oat milk as their default milk.

    by: Cyancrackers