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Butcher showing where the beef flank steak cutout is

by: kimboe313


  • WARNING: Butchery
  • Waterproof (hopefully) Phone takes a dive to show us a glimpse of the submerged world.

    by: Amadis_of_Albion

    Releasing the balloons.

    by: MousseSuspicious930

    The way they make these waffle-like bread

    by: Kafadafada

    Removing pineapple eyes

    by: nikamats

    The consistency of these welds

    by: purple-circle

    Shoeshiner working on a pair of boots

    by: SinjiOnO

    Dog naps through rain leaving outline on pavement

    by: amy2kim22

    Opening a bottle of beer

    by: Boojibs

    Young basketballer practices his dribbling skills with an interactive game

    by: SinjiOnO

    Slicing this bar of soap

    by: michael-clarke

    The master handcrafts the clay teapot

    by: spyrg

    This cool beetle tattoo

    by: Rollo_Tomasi3000

    Reopening a Dam After Years of Closure

    by: ImNotHereStopAsking

    The arguing with the sax is poetic

    by: BloodiStag

    Stir fry machines

    by: nikamats

    Easy way to remove the core of Iceberg lettuce

    by: SinjiOnO

    Cleaning the bowl printer

    by: PorkyPain


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  • This customizable light beam

    by: amish_novelty

    Super relaxed hamster

    by: Kafadafada

    Cleaning the drain after a flood

    by: Ihatemybabymama

    Well behaved dog’s bath

    by: nikamats

    Preparing pulled pork for a platter

    by: ShaneMP01

    Snake just vibing on a plush blanket

    by: dynamyk100


  • Certified Satisfying
  • Cameraman at work

    by: JulyPrince